Singularity Studio Team
Dr. Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET, and has held positions as Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and OpenCog Foundation, Vice Chairman of Humanity+, and Advisor to the Singularity University and Singularity Institute. Ben’s research encompasses artificial general intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive science, machine learning, and bioinformatics, and Ben has published a dozen scientific books and a 100+ technical papers.

BILL Inman

Bill has decades of experience as  an entrepreneur, founder and executive at multiple companies growing from the idea stage to tens of millions in revenue, with one reaching over $3 billion. He is a blockchain patent holder and experienced in emerging technology, working with AI, PaaS, blockchain and cloud companies. Bill serves as an advisor to multiple emerging, tech, gig economy and professional sports leagues.

Dr. mihaela ulieru
Chief alchemist

Mihaela is an expert in Distributed Artificial Intelligence, publishing over 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles on the topic during her illustrious career. She is also a blockchain champion at the World Economic Forum, where alongside Scientific American she advocated to list blockchain as a top emerging technology in 2016. Mihaela has won over $50 million in competitive research grants throughout her career. 

David wood
board member

Renowned serial telecom entrepreneur and pioneer of the smartphone industry. David is a futurist and author, and founded Symbian, which was eventually sold to Nokia. David is also a member of the IEET Board of Directors, and has spent over 25 years envisioning, architecting, and designing smart mobile devices. David’s responsibilities have included software development, technical consulting, developer management, and research and innovation. David received a degree in mathematics from Cambridge and completed four years of doctoral research at Cambridge in the philosophy of science.  

Cassio Pennachin
Chief AI officer

Cassio brings more than 20 years of enterprise AI development experience, including 2 years directing SingularityNET’s AI R&D division, and has formerly held roles as Chief Technology Officer at Aidyia Limited, Chief Software Architect of the Novamente Cognition Engine, and VP of AI Development at Webmind. Cassio also founded Igenesis, a Brazilian consulting and R&D firm, which has been retained by Google, UOL, BuscaPe, Nokia Siemens Network, as well as a number of Brazilian and US startups. Cassio’s research spans artificial intelligence, data science, and computational finance. 

Dr. Hilen Amin
Chief product officer

Hilen’s career has encompassed developing AI solutions for a wide range of industries including transportation, healthcare, communications, energy, finance, materials, and consumer electronics. Most recently Hilen served as VP of Analytics at BuildDirect and VP of Advanced Analytics ad Symphony Teleca (acquired by Samsung). Hilen has over 20 years of experience in product management, data analysis, and consulting and possesses a Master’s degree in Engineering and a PhD in Superconductivity, both from Cambridge University. 

Tony van de ven
Chief innovation officer

Serial tech entrepreneur with multiple successful exits and 200+ engineering patents, Tony is leading Studio’s IP strategy and tactics. Tony has served as CEO of Lighthouse Technologies Ltd., Director of LLS Asia Pacific, and Chief Longevity Officer of MOZI AI. 

Hanieh Sadat
Board Member

General Partner of GenesysOne Capital and Managing Director of ImpactX. Hanieh has expertise in private equity, venture capital, cryptocurency, and technology entrepreneurship. GenesysOne is a hybrid venture fund that invests in digital assets and decentralized web technologies. She is also the former VP of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and she has been trading traditional assets and managing portfolios for a select group of family offices and institutions since 2006.

Youngsook Park
VP Business Development

Youngsook Park, PhD is CEO of the Global Climate Change Situation Room and of Algaetech Korea, Professor at Yonsei University, President of the UN Future Forum, and Chair of the Millennium Project Korea Node. Youngsook is a leading futurist in South Korea and is known for bringing global futurists to Korea for the last 30 years. Youngsook Park is the director of Insilico Korea, a joint venture with the Baltimore-based artificial intelligence company Insilico Medicine, and also is a chair of the BlockchainAI TechCenter which teaches blockchain developers how to build AI applications.

Tommy Kwok
Acting Chief Financial officer

Tommy has more than 25 years experience as a CPA, with experience in public corporations, private equity, and venture capital. Tommy has significant experience with financial modeling and valuation, and has formerly worked as Group Financial Controller in Changjia Holdings, VIP Corporate Finance of GCL Holding, and Director of Finance and Business Development for Concerto Software New World Ltd. Tommy has been a member of the American Institute of CPA since 1993, and a Fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of CPA since 1997. 

David lake
Investor relations lead

David Lake is the CEO of Greater China Capital Inc. responsible for global business strategy, financial consuting, and corporate governance services for media, AI/blockchain, and medical enterpriesed. David is an experienced business and media professional with a focus on corporate governance and support on fundraising. 

Eric Shuss
Sales lead

Eric has held C-Suite roles at AI and consumer electronics companies. Eric has been actively involved in managing and acquiring high-tech companies for over 35 years, he has owned and managed companies from the start-up level to thriving on-going ventures – including professional services consulting firms, high-tech manufacturers, and AI/computer software companies. He is an angel investor, author, and futurist who serves on several corporate boards. 

Leon qiu Yuanliang
China investor relations

Leon is a pioneer in the Chinese financial world with three decades of experience in capital markets and professional service management. Leon has worked in investment banking, corporate finance, fund management, corporate governance, and risk management. Leon has held positions as Executive Director of Guotai Securities (one the top three securities companies in China), and Senior Partner of Dacheng (one the the largest Asian law firms).

Raam Baranidharan
vp of engineering

Raam is a hands on technical manager with experience in building scalable and performant systems. Raam has been in the software development space for over 14 years, and he holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and master’s in Software Systems. Raam started his career as a backend engineer for Essbase, a database management system that provides a multidimensional database platform upon which to build analytic applications. Raam continued his work at Essbase at Oracle after they acquired him and his team.